Me & D (Poem written before my rebirth in Christ)

When D and I started, everything was great. It was everything that I ever imagined and dreamed of. At the time it seemed so right, telling myself that God was in the midst of it all. Then suddenly it started to fall, because reality had kicked in. I knew in the back of my mind, [...]


The Grace To Change

“You are ever changing into a woman of beauty, of honesty and integrity, of stillness and passion, of intimacy and trust, of fire and grace and grit and everything else godly.” 💕


My dear sister.

I am so sorry it’s been a rather long time. I want you to know that as the seasons change, my heart and time and passion changes, too. And right now, God has truly gifted me with stillness, silence, slowness.

I want to tell you this: For so long, I was addicted to busy. I was addicted to efficiency, to high-capacity, to achievement and the hustle and the go, go, go.

And now, I’m not.

It’s the most crazy and beautiful and true thing in the world, that God is always moving within our hearts, breaking chains and setting us free to be the women He always created us to be.

Now, I desire stillness. I desire the silence, the solitude. Now, I desire relationships, and connection. Now, I desire dinner at a table, or a one-on-one coffee date. Now, I desire slow days, with time, with…

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Checking Out

Lately, I’ve asked the Lord to check me out. I’m talking about some serious checking. Checking that involves Him being my Physician and doing a lot of testing. But you know what? He’s been there waiting for me to come get “checked out”, but in my mind, I figured I had nothing wrong. I, myself, [...]

There is so much more still worth fighting for!

The beauty about Abba is that no matter how many times you want to stop, He just won’t allow you to. He’s our reminder that there’s so much more still worth fighting for, and the thing is you haven’t even touched the surface! God does exceedingly and abundantly above what we ask or think, including [...]

I’m single. What should I do?

“Being healed is important. You can’t live your best life if you’re still storing hurt, anger, and grief in your heart. An unhealed heart can never properly love or be loved. A heart that hasn’t been healed often times intentionally hurts others. You know the saying, hurt people, hurt people. Spend time purging those negative emotions and pulling up those bad seeds that may have been planted in your heart, so that it can love from a pure and healed place.”

A Single Woman's Diary

I don’t know why people think being single is a disease. Perhaps you don’t realize it yet because you’re too pressed to be in a relationship. So pressed that you’ll be in the wrong relationship.

No woman, who is THAT pressed to be in a relationship is going to make a sound decision- using good judgment when it comes to choosing a relationship.

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